Canadian, Migration and Counter Trafficking in Persons Organisation (CANCARO) is a non-profit organization whose mission is to equip, motivate and support victims of Human Trafficking and their communities in the fight to end modern-day slavery by  seeking social justice, promoting decent work for all and empowering individuals to become productive citizens through education and research.

To ensure this vision becomes a reality CANCARO is committed to educating at-risk youth,  building awareness and reducing the incidences of human trafficking by building a strong collaboration of anti-trafficking support services, advocates and experts in Ontario, Canada, the Caribbean and other countries.

Research and Community Involvement

CANCARO routinely conducts Social Research, Consultancies and Training in the field of Human Trafficking, develops curriculum and training materials for Communities Organisations, District School Boards, Law Enforcement, municipalities and Governments by Providing scientific tools and proven strategies to decrease the risk of human trafficking.  Some of these tools involves increasing HT awareness, targeted
assessment, and effective intervention. CANCORO does this by building the skills of local professionals, and community stakeholders that are already invested and working in communities. Our approach recognizes and honors the leaders, influencers, and professional caretakers
already in existence. By empowering, raising the skills level, and supporting these communities, we avoid repeating historical and ineffective traditional paths of imposing change in ways that are not culturally responsive and devaluing of black and indigenous peoples.

We can’t help everyone,
but everyone can help someone